5 Key Points to Writing a Great Thank You Note

Fall is the season to give thanks for friends and family. I mean, of course you should be thankful all year round but I thought now was a good time to talk about it more. I was raised to write thank you notes, and not just “thank you” notes but also “I’m thinking of you” notes, for every and any occasion. I feel like it is so important to express your love and appreciation to the people in your life. You might just make somebody’s day.

I also love getting notes! Encouraging words from a friend, a congratulations notes from family, or a thank you note for a wedding gift. There’s definitely something sincere and sweet about a handwritten – or even typed – letter.

Honestly though, I strongly dislike getting thank you notes that say something to the effect of “Thank you so much for the gift, and for coming to my wedding. Love, so-and-so”. Like, do you even know what I got you!?  Please. Let’s get personal. Brides, future brides, and all gift receivers – I’m talking to you.  Listen up.

I’m going to talk about the 5 key points to writing a great thank you note your guests, friends, or family will love. Don’t worry, I’ll give examples as we go.

1. Be specific

Please, please, please do not thank someone for their “gift”. Be specific, what did they give you! List everything! For our wedding, if we were gifted money, I used the phrase “monetary gift”.

2. Give a reason

Why are you thankful you received this gift? Think about why it’s important to you or your family. Has it been on your wish list forever? What will you use it for? What did you think when you opened it?


Thank you so much for the coffee maker! James and I value our morning coffee time together so much, and what’s a morning without coffee? 

Thank you so much for the placemats! They are great colors and add the perfect finishing touch to our table setting. 

Thank you so much for the new decorative pillows! I have been eyeing pillows like this one all season, and you found the perfect one for our favorite chair. 

Thank you so much for the very generous monetary gift. There are so many expenses as we start our life together, your gift is a huge blessing. 

Or, if you received a gift card or money, be specific and tell them what you bought with it.

3. Thanks for coming

Not only did your guest or friend give you a gift, they likely attended your party! This was likely an expense of their time, money, and efforts just as, it not more than, buying you a gift. Please don’t forget to thank them for their time. Bonus if you can be specific (see the theme?) about a memory you had of them or with them during the event.


And thank you so much for attending our wedding! We loved dancing the night away with you. 

Thank you so much for coming to our house warming party! Your appetizers were a huge hit and we loved showing you the house. 

If they didn’t come, but still sent a gift? Let them know they were missed.

We missed celebrating with you at the wedding! It was a wonderful day and we felt so loved by our family and friends, near and far. 

4. Nod to the future

Just as it sounds, mention that you look forward to seeing them or getting together with them again soon.


Can’t wait to celebrate with you at the wedding! 

We will have to have you over for dinner soon!

We’re looking forward to ski season!

5. Finish with thanks 

This is a thank you note, after all. Thank them again for everything and sign it with love and sincerity.

I think above all, be sincere.

P.S. I often find inexpensive thank you notes at Home Goods or TJ Maxx. I also think these cards from Amazon are very cute!

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