How The Girl Met The Kiwi – Our Love Story

Going through photos of us in Rotorua the other day made me reminisce about our love story. We have quite the tale to tell, so I thought I’d share our story!

It started in January 2010. I was 17. I was ski instructing at the Otsego Club & Resort in Gaylord, Michigan, and the Vancouver Olympics were right around the corner. The whole club was buzzing with excitement because we had snowboarding teams from all over the world coming to train at OUR ski club!  It was pretty exciting, and our parents even took us out of school (I was in my Senior year of High School) for a long weekend.

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About Us

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to A Girl and a Kiwi! Thanks for swinging by. My name is Brooke, I’m a twenty something full time Speech Language Pathologist and full time wife to James.

How We Met

engagement photo by our friend, Daniel Poulsen

It’s a long story for another post, but it is important part of who we are and what we do. James and I met at the Otsego Club in January of 2010. He was traveling with the New Zealand snowboarding team training for the Vancouver Olympics. I was working as a ski instructor.

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Hey, I’m Brooke!

The girl behind A Girl and a Kiwi. The kiwi is my husband, James. We’ll talk more about him later. For now, let’s just jump into the blog!

At dinner with my best friend several years ago, I admitted I wanted to start a blog about the things I’m passionate about, like DIY, traveling, and relationships. “You totally should!”, she said. But I didn’t.  I kept it to myself, quietly researching, brainstorming blog ideas at a slow pace… and I mean a very. slow. pace.

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