Gift Guide: For Lovers of Adventure & DIY

Christmas is right around the corner! I really love Christmas… the decorations, the lights, the snow… not to mention the presents. The gifts are good too. I love giving as much if not more than I love receiving.  And finding that perfect gift is everything! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite fun and practical gifts this season for the adventure lover or DIY-er on your list! I’ve also included several of my favorite gifts that I just couldn’t leave out in the snow.

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Gift Ideas For the Adventure & Travel Lover

1. The Eco Vessel Boulder Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

After my well-loved water bottle cracked while hiking in Alaska, I had been on a search for the perfect replacement. I had a list for the features I wanted by new companion to have, and after a long search I found this gem of a bottle. I have not been disappointed! It is dual opening, and has an infuser. It keeps water cold for SO LONG. Its triple insulated, and sweat proof. I’m in love.  Check it out here!

EcoVessel Water Bottle – with the Otsego Logo

2. Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Couch

Okay, so I had seen videos of these things on Facebook and thought they were pretty cool, but I didn’t know HOW COOL until I saw one in person! Basically you whip them through the air and wa-la, an immediate lounger! This thing expanded in seconds and was actually really comfortable to lounge on. It packs down so small, perfect for the on the go adventurer. This is definitely on my Christmas list this year.  Get a closer look here*.

Check out these two models enjoying their new inflatable lounger.

3. Smartwool Socks 

I’m a long time lover and huge fan of Smartwool. I think they are the best socks for hiking and skiing. They’re breathable, comfortable, and they do it all. You’re probably thinking, Brooke, socks are boring. But I promise these aren’t! They’re a bit expensive so you’re not going to run out and just by these for yourself, but that’s what makes them a great persent. Go get ’em here. 

River’s helping me model my ankle length Smartwool socks

4.  Inflatable Travel Pillow 

I’m not a light traveler. I wish I were. But I tend to stuff my carryon full – I like to prepared for everything. Having an inflatable travel is a game changer for the frequent flyer. Inflates quickly, and deflates to store quickly in your carryon. No more walking around with it attached to your back pack or hanging around your neck. My well loved inflatable neck pillow was lost somewhere in my travels, but this one looks really nice! I have also found them at Bed Bath and Beyond.

5. The Gift of Travel

Honestly, the best gift out there. Know someone going on a trip? Gift them 1-night accommodation, or dinner at a popular restaurant. Maybe offer to pay for an excursion they’re dying to do. There’s so many travel deals out there nowadays, with flights under $100 if you know where to look. The key is to shop around. I always check for flights. Help send your travel-lover on their next adventure.

USA Travel Deals!

Gift Ideas for the DIY-er

1. A Magazine Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving!! Inspire their next DIY projects with magazines like HGTV, Magnolia Journal, or Better Homes & Garden. (My three favorite!)

2. A Cookbook

Different type of “DIY” but, still, I think it applies here. I love to cook. My favorite cookbooks are from Annabel Langbein. She’s a New Zealand chef with unique recipes, and her cookbooks have amazing pictures. I have loved everything I have tried from these books! The two we use and love are: Celebrate Summer and Cheap Thrills.

3. Sewing of Craft Kit 

Grab a wooden box or crate, and fill it with crafting or sewing supplies. Maybe new scissors, a hot glue gun, spray paint or paint brushes! It’s always fun to get new toys for your favorite projects. Or, maybe complete supplies for a specific project like a DIY ornament or wreath.

4. Anything from Hearth & Hand

Hearth & Hand is Magnolia’s new collection with target. I think it’s safe to say that most DIY-ers are Joanna Gaines fans. I mean, I am. The Hearth & Hand collection is beautiful, rustic and modern all in one. They’re so many beautiful pieces to add the perfect touches to anyone who loves home decor. My favorites are the throw pillows, canisters and jug vases.

My Heart & Hand canisters

Miscellaneous Favorites

1. For the Ultra-Organizer: Popflex’s 2018 Fit Planner

I’ve had my eyes on this puppy for months, and finally pulled the trigger! It came in the mail last week and now I can hardly wait for 2018. This is the ultimate planner. Not only is there place for your to-list, but also your grocery list, workouts and food tracker. There’s a place to write mostly goals and even a habit tracker to kick those bad habits in the new year. Check it out here at Popflex is also my favorite workout gear and yoga mats.

2. For the Seasoned Chef or Home Decor Guru: Plants

Self proclaimed plant lady over here. I love having real plants in our house! They add a nice pop of greenery, plus give a room some life. Buy a cute, decorative flower pot or decorate a clay pot with favorite colors, quote or verse for a personal touch. Pick a practical plant like aloe vera, thyme or oregano for the kitchen.

3. For Anyone: Pictures Turned into Art

We all know someone who knows someone who’s a photographer. My friend recently introduced me to Easy Canvas Prints. This site was so easy. I uploaded a high quality photo, picked the size and style, and it’s being sent in the mail as I type this. It’s affordable and I can’t wait to see my new art in person!

4. For the Dog

I couldn’t leave our four-legged family member out!  On the list we have my favorite dog toy: the Kong toy*, for it’s ability to distract River with peanut butter-filled goodness. And also, Pet Releaf dog supplements, which are rich in nutrients and super foods, and also contains CBD hemp oil, which calms River when he is anxious. Highly recommend!

I hope you found this list helpful! Happy shopping!

Gift On, 

*This post contains affiliate links. That means, I may receive a commission for some of the links in this post- at no cost to you. See our Disclaimer page for details*