Gift Guide: For Lovers of Adventure & DIY

Christmas is right around the corner! I really love Christmas… the decorations, the lights, the snow… not to mention the presents. The gifts are good too. I love giving as much if not more than I love receiving.  And finding that perfect gift is everything! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite fun and practical gifts this season for the adventure lover or DIY-er on your list! I’ve also included several of my favorite gifts that I just couldn’t leave out in the snow.

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A Girl and a Kiwi Has Been Nominated for the Liebster Award

I wanted to take minute to share a bit of a different post… I’m really excited to share that this little blog was nominated for the Liebster Award!

The what? Yeah, that’s what I said. I had heard of this award a few times since I started this blogging adventure a few months ago, but didn’t really take the time to look into it… until we were nominated!

So what is it?

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5 Key Points to Writing a Great Thank You Note

Fall is the season to give thanks for friends and family. I mean, of course you should be thankful all year round but I thought now was a good time to talk about it more. I was raised to write thank you notes, and not just “thank you” notes but also “I’m thinking of you” notes, for every and any occasion. I feel like it is so important to express your love and appreciation to the people in your life. You might just make somebody’s day.

I also love getting notes! Encouraging words from a friend, a congratulations notes from family, or a thank you note for a wedding gift. There’s definitely something sincere and sweet about a handwritten – or even typed – letter.

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Top 5 Tips to Survive the Puppy Years with a German Shorthaired Pointer

The Story of River

365 days ago today (Aug 29, 2017), James called me and said, “I’m going to get the 10-week old puppy”. It was a Tuesday, I was working. We had visited a litter of puppies only a week or so old the day before. I’d never met a german shorthaired pointer (GSP) prior to that. We were considering adopting one of these littles in a few months time… but then we saw a leggy pup about 10-weeks old. And when James held him, the pup nibbled his chin. Looking back, it was all over from here. We went home to talk it over, and the next morning James called me to tell me he was going to get the older puppy.

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Jump Into The Blog

Hey, I’m Brooke!

The girl behind A Girl and a Kiwi. The kiwi is my husband, James. We’ll talk more about him later. For now, let’s just jump into the blog!

At dinner with my best friend several years ago, I admitted I wanted to start a blog about the things I’m passionate about, like DIY, traveling, and relationships. “You totally should!”, she said. But I didn’t.  I kept it to myself, quietly researching, brainstorming blog ideas at a slow pace… and I mean a very. slow. pace.

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